Drupal is a FOSS content management system (CMS) that is powerful and flexible.

Available Services

  • Evaluate benefits & risks of Drupal for an organization, develop initial requirements & prototypes, and recommend implementation strategies to address current and future needs.
  • Install & configure Drupal systems, including plugin modules, visual themes, and role-based security.
  • Design & organize Drupal site for consistency & ease of use, and deploy or migrate content from other sources.
  • Develop or adapt plug-in modules for specialized functionality.
  • Train technical & non-technical people to use Drupal effectively.

Sample Projects

  • Installed, configured, & maintained an intellectual property database using Drupal. Teams of student entrepreneurs use faceted search to identify patents available for licensing, request and receive permission to use those patents, and submit resulting project documents.
  • Installed, configured, & maintained not-for-profit e-commerce site using Drupal and Ubercart. Updated uc_edi module, and enhanced it to format dates and resolve zone & country. Site accepted credit card and PayPal orders, and exported order data to logistics provider. In its first year, the site handled over 25,000 orders for over 50,000 units.

Questions to Consider

  1. Why use a CMS? What business or organizational needs do you want to address?
  2. How many pages, contributors, and readers do you expect the site to have?
    What are your security needs & concerns?
  3. Do you anticipate any special or unusual needs or requirements, such as extensive figures or images, or integration with other data sources or applications?
  4. Do you prefer a particular hosting arrangement? Why?